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01Pioneer of outpatient service and emergency service

  • 24h stand-by, test instantly
  • Best strip condition guaranteed by constant temperature and humidity in strip storehouse, and no need to take out strip after the complement of test
  • 5 strip storehouses, alternative operation between individual test and multiple test, up to 125 strips
  • Upload and download strip when the equipment is on
  • Convenient operation of draw-out waste strip storehouse

02Smart & Automatic

  • Equipped with hardware, no need of extra PC
  • Chinese interface, realizing operator-machine conversation function, simple and direct
  • Intelligentization among:amount of reagent, supplies and status management of medical devices as well as reminder in time
  • Multi-testing platform, realization of multi-cases expansion
  • Extended connector, available to connect ASU and assembly line
  • LIS connection, smart informatization management

03The star of accuracy

  • Read kit QR code and sample barcode through scanning window, avoiding the error
  • Auto-hemodilution function with multi- hemodilution ratio
  • Variety of testing samples: venous blood/peripheral blood/serum/plasma/urine/CSF etc.
  • Independent reaction and testing of each strip, reducing contamination rate
  • Quality control system inside
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